the team behind studio is a mixed-team of photographer, assistents, post-productioner, programmer and account manager – 24 passioned and hihgly involved people are working on your projects;
:: project-conception
:: full-service productions
:: highstandard application-integration
You want to have our team working on location for your project? – no problem – we´re highly experienced in the realisation of on location productions…
You want to shoot your whole product-collection for webshop, for print-media or advertisement-applications? – please do not hesitate to contact us… we are the stills experts!!
Looking forward to meet you in our studio in Nuremberg or somewhere else around the globe!
\\ contact: GmbH – Studio für Bildproduktion
Sebastian Kuhn
Hohenbuckstraße 7 – 90425 Nürnberg
Tel. +49 911.377 895 98 –

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