IM Worldchampionship KONA 2013 – prerace impressions

2nd trip to Kona – now a bit more familar to this location :-)
prerace week is full of location scouting, PR-meetings, team-introductions and some shootings for clients..
Saturday – my first day – portrait of the legendary ENERGY LAB, some additional impressions from the Queens K and some few shots of Kona and White Sand Beach
Sunday – 2nd day in Kona – first impressions of the growing expo-area – i think the most wonderful place of an expo-area on the planet…:-)
meeting the PROs…
#1: Timo Bracht De
#Sophie Goos BE and Craig Crowie Alexander AUS
#3 Jodie-Ann Swallow SA, James Cunama SA and Dan Halksworth GB
Jan Raphael and Horst Reichel DE
#4 the DATEV Challenge Roth 2012 champion: mister Dirk Bockel BE :-)
Thursday Oct 10th: pro-athletes press conference and following pro-athletes race briefing

5 Gedanken zu „IM Worldchampionship KONA 2013 – prerace impressions

  1. Hallo Seb, wirklich beeindruckende Bilder. Toll das Dirk auf dem einen Bild so mal rüber lacht, is ja sonst ehr Blick nach vorne ;)

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